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Ai Tong School
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Current Members
2015 Exco Members
2014 Exco Members
2013 Exco Members
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The Team (2015)
School Advisors
Mr Tan Yap Kin (Principal)
Ms. Teo-Mok Ling Ling(PSG Coordinator)
Executive Committee (2015)  
Chairman Mr Jessline Lim
Immediate Past Chairman cum External Liason Mr Lim Chong Huat
1st Vice Chairman cum Events Coordinator Ms Esther Law
2nd Vice Chairman cum Secretary Ms Chew Soon

Head of FMS (SFE)/ Asst Head of IT cum Website

Mr Teo Teck Huat
Head of IT cum Website Maintenance MsSharlin Tan
Events Coordinator Ms Neo Lay Choo/ Ms Susan Png
Head of Data Archive Ms Sherrie Shiong
Head of P6 Magazine 2015 Mr Esther Law
Head of Social Media (FB & WA) Ms Jasene Ong
Head of Publicity/Public Relation Ms Cindy Chew
Head of Events cum Internal Liason Ms Karen Tay
Treasurer cum Asst Head of Social Media Ms Michelle Yap
Asst Head of FMS (SFE) Ms Bernice Koh
External Liason Mr Edwin Cheng
IT Advisors Mr KH Puah/ CJ Lim
Committee Members

Ms Widiana Hartawan
Ms Veronica Heng
Ms Agnes Yeo
Ms Cynthia Low
Ms Melda Lee
Mr Shi Xiao Ping
Mr Seah Kwang Hwee
Mr. Luis Ong
Mr Sam Teo

... and many more other PSG members for your support and contributions for the school & committee