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Events (2013)

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Dear Parents,

We would like to hear from you on how we can improve MOE’s website. is a website that provides updates on education news and features, and gives you an insight to what takes place in our schools.

We are undergoing a website revamp for and would appreciate if you could give us your feedback by taking this short survey.  If you have not heard of before, we would like to invite you to visit the site and tell us what you think.

To complete the survey, please go to

Please be assured that all information given will be kept confidential.

We hope that you can complete the survey by 11 November 2013 (Monday).  Thank you!

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Updates from Partnership in Education Office (PEO),MOE

Dear Parent Representatives,

Greetings from PEO!

                   At our annual Work Plan Seminar 2013, Minister for Education Mr Heng shared in his speech that he was heartened to hear of many parents who volunteer in our schools.  He highlighted Mr Karim bin Abbas, PSG Chair of Blangah Rise Primary, who has an unusual record as a parent volunteer.  Mr Karim worked with four principals and saw 12 cohorts of classes graduate.  His children have long graduated from the school, but he continues to support the school.  On why he served for 14 years, he said, “I believe very much in what Blangah Rise has done…my children have grown up well and hold good jobs.  I have to give back in some way.”

                   In April this year, COMPASS (COMmunity and PArents in Support of Schools) organised 2 sessions of Forum Theatre entitled “Re:ACT for Change: Parenting your Teen”, a drama-based audience interaction format, which plays out various parent-teen scenarios.  Over 300 parents attended the COMPASS Forum Theatre and gave positive reviews.  A parent commented, “It was very interesting and engaging…it was something I can remember very well after attending the session.” The well-received Forum Theatre is now back! 
Session 1


13 November 2013 (Wednesday)


7.30 pm – 9.00 pm


The Substation 45 Armenian Street S(179936)

Session 2


16th November 2013 (Saturday)


9.00 am – 10.30 am


Nan Hua High School 41 Clementi Avenue 1 S(129956)

Admission is free.  Be quick and sign up for a session here!  In addition, Minister for Education, Mr Heng made a post on his Facebook to thank COMPASS members for their good work and strong partnership with MOE and our schools.  We are pleased to share with you Minister’s post on COMPASS.




Good news for parents with children from birth to 6 years of age!  The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) is pleased to present the 2013 Early Childhood Parenting Conference.  Come join this half-day Conference and gain insights and practical hands-on tips on what constitutes positive early years experiences and parenting practices that are developmentally appropriate.  You will also learn how to create nurturing home-learning environments to raise secure, confident and creative children who feel good about themselves and are eager to learn.  


                 Lastly, students who are taking their O and A-Levels are busy preparing for their exams right now.  Parents can help your child beat the stress of examinations.  You may get some tips here on how to help your child better manage stress.

Partnerships in Education Office
Strategic Communications and Engagement Division
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Pass-It-On Day 2013
Dear Parents,

Are you wondering what to do with your children's outgrown school uniform, text books, assessment papers etc.?  We have a suggestion for you!

The Ai Tong PSG will be organizing a Pass-It-On event for our PSG parents to pass on or exchange these items with other parents.  Details of this event will be released soon.  In the meantime, you can start to identify the items that are suitable and in good condition, for this event. 

If you have questions, please feel free to post them on our Facebook or email to

Thank you.

Ai Tong PSG Exco


Entrepreneurship Day 2013
Once again the school and PSG are jointly organising an “Entrepreneurship” event during the September school holidays.
This event entails the collaborative participation of PSG members and Ai Tong pupils in the sale of used/new items.

Location : Thomson Plaza
Date : 12th to 14th September 2013 (Thursday to Saturday)
Time : 11 am to 9 pm. (Actual block time participation duration will be discussed after we consolidated the final participation )

The objectives of the event are to expose and instill entrepreneurship in the children.
The attendance hours clocked by the children at the event would be taken in as their "Community Involvement Programme (CIP)" attendance.

Parents and child may want to sign up for this interesting event by clicking on the picture link below.




Teacher's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2013
Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support to our Teachers’ Day Celebration and Mid-Autumn Festival last Thursday, 5 Sep 13 . This year, both events happened on the same day and with the support from many of you, we were able to make both events a BIG SUCCESS!!!

For Teachers’ Day, we presented garlands to all the teachers, AED, school leaders and support staff. The garlands consisted of hearts-shaped papers with words written by the students for the AM teachers, and wishes from parents and students for the PM teachers. We will like to thank Ms Monica Ho and the student prefects for helping us to pass the heart-shaped papers to the students to write and gather them back. We also like to thank many parents who had come down specially to help us sort out the heart-shaped papers and stick them together to form the garlands, and also turned up on the actual day of celebration with their kids to present the garlands to the teachers, both for morning and afternoon sessions. We also like to thank our PSG parent, Pit Har, for designing the stickers and coordinating the work behind the scene and also thank her and few parents who went to all bookshops nearby to buy the heart-shaped stickers until most of them were out-of-stock! This is just a small token of appreciation from the parents and their kids to thank all the teachers, AEDs, school leaders and support staff for their professionalism in educating and guiding the kids. We also hope that with parents and kids doing the garland together, they will know how to appreciate and respect their teachers.

Despite being present in the morning and afternoon for the above event, many stayed to continue to render their help for the Mid-Autumn event in the evening, together with other parents who came specially to help out in the Mid-Autumn event. This year PSG set up 8 game stalls and every stalls we see long queue of students waiting to play the games. We were impressed by parents’ creativity and ingenuity in decorating the stalls and designing the games. We will like to thank our PSG in-charge, Jessline, and her team for the long hours spent in planning and coordinating. We are also very glad to see many new parents coming forward to volunteer their help this year as it meant they had to sacrifice their family time in the evening. Many of the PSGs stood almost all the way without chance to take a break for drink or even toilet break as the queue never stop. Despite that, all of them enjoyed themselves after seeing the smile and happiness of the students.

We have captured the memorable moment for these two events and you may view them by clicking the link below:

Once again, a BIG THANK to all parents for making the two events a BIG SUCCESS!!!

Lim Chong Huat
Ai Tong PSG


Asian Festival of Children's Content 2013
Dear Parent Support Group chairs/Parent representatives,

In April this year, we organised two parenting seminars during the MOE ExCEL Fest 2013.  The seminars were very well-received and the participants gave positive feedback about them. We are pleased to share that the next two seminars for parents will be held on:

Date: 17 August 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 9am – 12 noon (Registration starts at 8.45am)
Venue: Zhonghua Secondary School (near Serangoon MRT Station)
The details of the upcoming seminars can be found below: 
Compass Speakers Series              

Join us to hear from Dr Ng and Mr Richard Cheong!

To avoid disappointment, do sign up early for these free seminars via this link.

Warm regards,

Partnerships in Education Office
Strategic Communications and Engagement Division
• Tel: +65 6879 562 • Fax: +65 6775 0276
Ministry of Education • 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675 •
Integrity the Foundation • People our Focus • Learning our Passion • Excellence our Pursuit


Racial Harmony Day

Date : 19th July 2013 (Friday)
Time : 8.00 am - 12.00 noon and 12.00 noon - 4.00 pm
Venue : School Canteen

NOTE : Help required to man Activities stalls
PV in charge : Ms. Chew Soon (9735-Two Five Four Three)

Remarks : Looking for PV who can demonstrate ketupah making.
Please contact her. Thanks


Message from the PSG Chairman...

Dear Parents,

On 6 Jun 13, we had a very meaningful P6 Motivation Day for the P6 cohort. The event was a great success and very well-organised. We are also glad to see many parents coming forward to join us for this event.

I will like to thank our PSG Committee in-charge of this event, Edwin, Esther and Widiana for taking the lead in the planning. I also like to thank other PSG members, P6 parents and support from the school (especially Ms Lim and Ms Happi Bay) for their effort in the planning, preparation and helping out on the actual day.

The objective of this event is to motivate our P6 cohorts while they are preparing for their PSLE, at the same time, let them have some time to relax and bond with their friends, teachers and parents.  The event started with motivation talk by PSG and school leaders at the school hall, sharing with the students values like perseverance, team work, support one another and appreciate the effort from the teachers and parents in preparing them for PSLE. After that, the students had an enjoyable time with their teachers and classmates, playing team bonding games which brought out the values mentioned during the motivational talk. Parents also crowded around to support and cheer them. The event ended with sumptuous food prepared by the parents. Every student went back with goodie bag consisting energy food and drinks to help them prepare for their PSLE. Inside also consists of a bookmark made by PSG, with words of encouragement written by their parents. P6 parents also presented a token of appreciation to all P6 teachers and school leaders, thanking them for the extra hard work put in while preparing their children for the PSLE.

Lastly, my advice to the P6 students is your parents and teachers had put in a lot of effort to help you in your PSLE, it is your time now to put in your best effort to show them your best result. On behalf of PSG, I will like to wish all P6 students success in your PSLE and pass with flying colours!


Lim Chong Huat
Ai Tong PSG

P6 Motivational Day
Date : 6th June 2013
Time : 8.00am - 12.30pm
Venue : School Canteen/Field


Asian Festival of Children's Content 2013
The programme for Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) 2013, 25- 30 May, is up and we are at a new and bigger venue - the National Library. AFCC is our biggest programme of the year where we invite over a 100 notable speakers who specialise in the areas of writing, illustrating, publishing, content creation, education and media.

There are also language (Chinese, Malay, Tamil) workshops for parents and children!

Parents who are interested may visit the website: for more details






No of PV required

Scope of PSG’s involvement

Pre-assembly talks

Weekly (Fri) per term

12:30pm – 12:50pm

1 to 2

To source for stories of moral values, fables or newspapers articles based on 4 Dynamic Learners and share with P1 and P2 pupils. For example, in Term 1, stories that bring out the characteristics of the 3 Dynamic Learners

International Friendship Day (National Education event)

12th April



Parent volunteers are engaged to assist in the running of the event.

Blood Pressure Programme – Pre-event Parent Volunteer Training*

19th April

2:30pm – 3:30pm

16 to 20

Training for parent volunteers on blood pressure knowledge to assist in the student Blood Pressure Programme on 24th and 26th April.

Blood Pressure Programme

24th April and        26th April

8:30am – 9:30am

16 to 20

Parent volunteers who have been trained* to assist teachers in classes to provide students with knowledge about high blood pressure.

P3 Learning Journey to Opera Institute

5 Jul (Fri)

1:30pm – 3:30pm

One PV per class
(total = 8)

Accompany pupils for LJ, assist teachers to take care of pupils’ safety.

Racial Harmony Day (National Education event)

19th July



Parent volunteers are engaged to assist in the running of the events.

National Day (National Education event)

7th August



Parent volunteers are engaged to assist in the running of the event.

Mid Autumn Celebration with the Elderly

17th Sep

5pm – 9:30pm


Mingling with senior citizens, preferably proficient in speaking dialect

Sports Fiesta

3 Oct (Thur)

8 am – 12 noon


Taking care of booths and assisting teacher I/C on running of the booths.

Mid Autumn Celebration

1st week of Term 4



Parent volunteers are engaged to assist with the running of the event.

P6 Values-In-Action (VIA) Project

Oct 2013, Post PSLE


3 - 5

Parent volunteers are engaged to assist in the running of the event.

Interested parents volunteers for the above events, please contact our
Vice-Chair cum Event Coordinator, Esther Law at 966Five-Seven293 or
Head of Event, Karen Tay at 973Four-Eight819 or
click here to register online

MOE Parenting Events

The above mentioned are parenting events that PEO has organised for your PSGs at MOE ExCEL Fest 2013. We hope that the PSGs from your schools will support and benefit from these events. The experienced speakers and fellow PSG members will share on tips to build a more effective parent-child relationshipMOEParentingEvents
Pls Click Here if you have problem viewing this image

Lunar New Year Lunch Gathering
Ai Tong School Parent Support Group will be having a Chinese New Year, Potluck Gathering on 13th February, Wednesday as our first activities in 2013. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other better and a great bonding time with your PSG friends. All PSG members are invited and you are welcome to bring your family along for this joyous occasion.
Besides, yummy home cook lunar dishes, some members who had attended the last year's gathering had approach us to make their contribution for a Lunar New Year Lucky Draw. How awesome! For those who can make it, please acknowledge by registering your name over here or contact our PSG committee members below:

Esther Law 966Five-Seven293
Jasene Ong  983Four-Three141
Teo Teck Huat 964Five-Five728

************* Thank you message from PSG Chairman *************

Dear PSG members,




Of course the success of this event is attributed to the hard work of the PSG CNY Organising Committee consisting of Esther Law,  Jasene and Teo Teck Huat. Kindly join me to thank them for their planning and coordination….clap clap!!!

I would also like to thank the following people for their contributions. Without their generosity, we would not have such a memorable and fun CNY gathering. They are:

  • School for a hamper for lucky draw
  • Jessline for a hamper for lucky draw
  • CJ and Bernice for the mini-fridge for lucky draw
  • Zhang Tao for vouchers for lucky draw
  • Cindy for pop cake maker for lucky draw
  • Sharlin Tan for 2 bottles of alcohol sparkling juice for lucky draw
  • Edwin and Karen for sponsoring the lion dance
  • Jasene for sponsoring the 财神爷costume, together with the 财神爷…haha

We were also fortunate to have our Principal and all the VPs, together with so many teachers joining us this year. I believe many of our parents had a good time mingling and catching up with them and fellow members after the holidays. We were also honoured to have Alumni President, Vice-President and Alumni members joining our festive gathering.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for the contribution of food. We had so much food that everyone had a full stomach after the event. Also a big thanks to those who stayed back to help to tidy up the library (eg Agnes Ng, fellow exco etc) so we could return it back to our library officer, Audrey, in the same condition as before the event. Thanks to Audrey for her effort in helping to set up and clear up as well.

We had uploaded photos of this event in our Facebook and you may go there to view them.


Lim Chong Huat
Ai Tong PSG

Speak Mandarin Campaign
The Speak Mandarin Campaign Parent-Child Talent Competition offers a fun and exciting opportunity for primary school children to learn Mandarin and create memories with their parents. Families are invited to form a team of up to three persons and put up a five minute performance demonstrating the use of Mandarin through speech (e.g. skit, storytelling, crosstalk). An electronic version of the poster is attached below for your reference.

We seek your support to participate in this Competition. Registration is now open on Preliminary rounds will begin on 6 April and selected teams will enter the Grand Finals to be held in June 2013.

Thank you.


比赛即日起接收报名,截至日期为2013年2月22日。比赛详情可上网 查询。希望学生与家长能踊跃参与。